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September 2016


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August 2016


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June 2016


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June 2016


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modern loss
February 2016


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October 2015


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May 2015


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TheLi.st @ Medium
July 2015


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March 2015


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OpEd in the Detroit Free Press
April 2013 



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TheLi.st @ Medium
April 2014


Commerce and Culture: Combining Business and the Arts

Passion and Purpose: Stories from the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders
Harvard Business School Publishing
November 2011



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Finding the Right Co-Founder"

April 2013


"#13x13.1in2013: Sneakers, Spreadsheets, and Slowing the Clock"

December 2013


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Be Seen. Be Heard."

Women 2.0
April 2012