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Forbes | The Perfect Match: Finding the Right Co-Founder

Alex and I became friends in the fall of 2008, when we were classmates at Harvard Business School. She was rocking some fantastic skinny jeans that were somehow long enough for her 36-inch inseam, and I rushed over to find out where she’d gotten them. We bonded that day over our shared struggle as “misfits” in the fashion industry’s approach to sizing, and that set in motion a relationship that progressed from classmate to friend to business partner, all in the course of three years.

But, of course, it takes more than the elusive perfect pair of tall-girl jeans to pick the right partner in crime for your business. Now, as co-founders of fashion company Quincy, here’s what we figured out along the way about finding a match made in heaven.

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Women 2.0 | Stop Asking Permission: Be Seen, Be Heard

Undergraduate women at NYU Stern are facing the same difficulties that women at many top business schools face - they are underperforming their male peers, in large part because they hold back in classroom discussions.

When digging deeper, they realized that female students prefer to speak only when they are absolutely confident in their answer or when they feel completely prepared to enter the debate. They tend to take longer to raise their hand, have shorter and more concise comments, and often self-edit to manage their out-of-classroom image. As a result, these totally awesome women are losing ground before the game even starts.

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