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Forbes | How Studying Theater Can Give You An Advantage In The Startup World

That overlap of theater and tech is how Dan Maccarone and I first met two years ago, when I was a guest on his podcast, Story in a Bottle. It was the first time I met someone else in the tech world who knew my secret: that creating startups is basically the same process and skillset as creating theater. So I invited him to co-author this piece on the things we learned while studying theater that give us an unfair advantage in tech.

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Forbes | Meet The Entrepreneur Bridging The Gap Between Tech And The Military

Nick Taranto, co-founder of Plated is one. Paige Craig, managing partner of Arena Ventures is too. So is Ann Weeby, director of workforce innovation at Salesforce. They look just like any other person in the the startup world. But the truth is that they are part of a small but growing population in tech: veterans. And if Harvard grad and former Navy EOD Officer Mike Slagh has his way, there will soon be a whole lot more of them.

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Forbes | Meet An Entrepreneur Bringing Innovation To Classical Music

As the founder of Elevate Ensemble, Chad has taken his classical training as a professional trumpet player and combined it with the entrepreneurial spirit of San Francisco, where he moved in 2011 for grad school at SF State. The result is a truly innovative approach to building and sustaining an arts nonprofit that many larger organizations (as well as any startup that is trying to think diagonally about innovation) might want to take a look at.

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Forbes | The Perfect Match: Finding the Right Co-Founder

Alex and I became friends in the fall of 2008, when we were classmates at Harvard Business School. She was rocking some fantastic skinny jeans that were somehow long enough for her 36-inch inseam, and I rushed over to find out where she’d gotten them. We bonded that day over our shared struggle as “misfits” in the fashion industry’s approach to sizing, and that set in motion a relationship that progressed from classmate to friend to business partner, all in the course of three years.

But, of course, it takes more than the elusive perfect pair of tall-girl jeans to pick the right partner in crime for your business. Now, as co-founders of fashion company Quincy, here’s what we figured out along the way about finding a match made in heaven.

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