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Forbes | The Personal Balanced Scorecard: A Tool For Your Own End-Of-Year Review

In December many people turn toward self-reflection: reviewing and evaluating their lives, their jobs, and their happiness as the year winds down and considering what changes (if any) they'd like to make in the new year.  But none of the usual methods ever felt like they really allowed me to both quantitatively and qualitatively reflect on the entire year in a way that informed my priorities and goals for the year ahead. So I decided to create a tool for myself.

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Forbes | How Studying Theater Can Give You An Advantage In The Startup World

That overlap of theater and tech is how Dan Maccarone and I first met two years ago, when I was a guest on his podcast, Story in a Bottle. It was the first time I met someone else in the tech world who knew my secret: that creating startups is basically the same process and skillset as creating theater. So I invited him to co-author this piece on the things we learned while studying theater that give us an unfair advantage in tech.

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