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Forbes | It's Time To End The Pay Gap For Speakers At Tech Conferences

When the request came through her website for Luvvie Ajayi to speak at The Next Web conference, she forwarded it to her agent, as she always does. But when the response came back that TNW doesn't pay speakers nor cover travel costs, she did something new: she asked her network if that was true.

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Forbes | Meet The Entrepreneur Building The Ultimate App For Arts Discovery And Recommendation

The stereotype of the tech founder as a hoodie-wearing, computer-hacking, Silicon Valley-based dude is at long last losing its stature in pop culture. With founders like Meredith Perry, Jessica Matthews, and Melonee Wise building powerhouse companies in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, respectively, the image of the tech CEO is cracking wide open.

Nonetheless, Trill founder Kathleen Stetson still stands out. You realize this long before you discover she has a Master of Music degree in opera performance and a Master of Science degree in architectural acoustics (she also has the more common Master of Business Administration degree as well). Spend ten minutes with her and you'll hear her vision for the role of the performing arts in modern society and how she can leverage technology to ensure the arts have a robust future.

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Forbes | The Personal Balanced Scorecard: A Tool For Your Own End-Of-Year Review

In December many people turn toward self-reflection: reviewing and evaluating their lives, their jobs, and their happiness as the year winds down and considering what changes (if any) they'd like to make in the new year.  But none of the usual methods ever felt like they really allowed me to both quantitatively and qualitatively reflect on the entire year in a way that informed my priorities and goals for the year ahead. So I decided to create a tool for myself.

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Forbes | How Studying Theater Can Give You An Advantage In The Startup World

That overlap of theater and tech is how Dan Maccarone and I first met two years ago, when I was a guest on his podcast, Story in a Bottle. It was the first time I met someone else in the tech world who knew my secret: that creating startups is basically the same process and skillset as creating theater. So I invited him to co-author this piece on the things we learned while studying theater that give us an unfair advantage in tech.

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Forbes | The Gender Ratio In Tech Is Getting Worse, Says New Research

The share of women in computing jobs is on track to decline from 24% to 22% over the next 10 years. That's the stunning news coming out of a new report from Girls Who Code and Accenture, released today. According to Cracking the Code: Get 3x More Women in Tech, despite increased interest from policy makers, business leaders, and tech activists, the ratio of women in technology is getting worse, not better.

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Forbes | Meet The Entrepreneur Bridging The Gap Between Tech And The Military

Nick Taranto, co-founder of Plated is one. Paige Craig, managing partner of Arena Ventures is too. So is Ann Weeby, director of workforce innovation at Salesforce. They look just like any other person in the the startup world. But the truth is that they are part of a small but growing population in tech: veterans. And if Harvard grad and former Navy EOD Officer Mike Slagh has his way, there will soon be a whole lot more of them.

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Forbes | Meet The Choreographer Shaking Up Organizations By Chasing The Silences

Interested in what choreography had to do with innovation, I reached out to dancer, choreographer, and Brown University professor Sydney Skybetter with a few questions. Our conversation bounced from the etymology of "choreography" to why he thinks the Apple Watch is as performative a technology as the pointe shoe to why he focuses his change management work around "chasing the silences."

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Forbes | Meet An Entrepreneur Bringing Innovation To Classical Music

As the founder of Elevate Ensemble, Chad has taken his classical training as a professional trumpet player and combined it with the entrepreneurial spirit of San Francisco, where he moved in 2011 for grad school at SF State. The result is a truly innovative approach to building and sustaining an arts nonprofit that many larger organizations (as well as any startup that is trying to think diagonally about innovation) might want to take a look at.

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Forbes | The Case For Interdisciplinary Education

The intersection of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and creativity is where I have found my superpowers. In addition to math, I studied physics and computer science; in addition to my theater training, I am a classically trained musician in three instruments. And I have long-argued that the intersection of these disciplines is where things get interesting.

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Quartz | Scientists and mathematicians aren't all white men — but you wouldn't know that from the movies

Not only do we tend to assume that all scientists, technologists, and mathematicians have poor posture—our go-to image of STEM professionals is typically white and male. Ada Lovelace Day is the perfect opportunity to change this picture.

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